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Get your gift matched

Associates can submit a request for both Matching Dollars and Matching Hours via the CarMax Associate Giving Portal.

Associates can help their favorite nonprofits and maximize their gifts through our Matching Gifts program. Apply via the CarMax Associate Giving Portal.

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Matching Dollars

The CarMax Foundation doubles the amount of money individual Associates donate to eligible nonprofit organizations.

  • We'll match your donation, dollar for dollar.
  • $25 minimum.
  • Matches are eligible for up to 180 days from the date of your donation.
CarMax Associate Giving Portal



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Matching Hours

We provide a gift to eligible nonprofits to match the donation of an individual Associate's time.

  • We'll award grants of $10 for every hour an Associate or their eligible family member volunteers.
  • 8-hour minimum.
  • Matches are eligible for up to 180 days from the date of service.
CarMax Associate Giving Portal

The annual maximum for matching gifts is $10,000 from donations and hours combined.

The Process

For Associates interested in contributing to The CarMax Foundation Matching Gifts Program, here's the process:

  • Submit your matching gift online via the CarMax Associate Giving Portal.
  • Print or email the confirmation information for the nonprofit.
  • The nonprofit must verify the donation of time or money.


  • Checks are processed quarterly, and it might take some time for the organization to receive the matching gift amount due to the verification process.
  • Not all gifts or organizations are eligible.

For more information, please see complete program guidelines or contact

Family members

Associates' family members can also participate in the Matching Gifts Program. Eligible dependents who can contribute to nonprofit organizations include:

  • Spouse / domestic partner
  • Children aged 26 and under, which include an Associate's:
  • Biological child
  • Adopted child (or a child placed for adoption)
  • Stepchild
  • Foster child
  • Biological or adopted child/children of an Associate's domestic partner.
  • Children for whom an Associate has legal guardianship or who, by court order, are dependents for purposes of providing health care coverage and who are the tax dependent of the Associate for federal income tax purposes.
In FY17, there were $675,538 Associate matches